Just Give Me All The Roses

All the Roses

I have been on a serious rose kick lately. From having fresh flowers in our apartment to buying rose scented candles to using rose scented skincare products – I’m crazy for all things rose! It’s funny, I actually used to have an aversion to the flower – mostly because it made me think of the cheesy, overpriced red roses on Valentine’s Day (which my husband knows NEVER EVER to buy me) but I’ve come around on roses in basically any other form / color. There is something about the scent of roses that is both uplifting and calming, and if this makes sense, it just smells pretty. Not to mention, from a skincare perspective, rose oil is not only moisturizing, but it is full of vitamin C antioxidants and rejuvenating properties that promote a bright, even-toned complexion!  Read more